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By: Nicholas J. Donalds Sat, 21 Jul 2012 05:18:00 +0000 I got to your site by first thinking of a name for my site “figuring shit out”. You had the site already. I don’t mind, but I find it fascinating that I read this post because my idea had obviously been unoriginal, unfortunately. It’s a good name! Whenever I have an idea, I google it and it’s usually already out there. What do we do?

By: Chuangbbb Wed, 22 Feb 2012 06:14:00 +0000 See today called the English
version of a "small yue yue" incident reports, may trigger a
"small yue yue" event in Chinese in heart’s pain. Out of the
noble moral yearning, people always Chad
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hope that the moral
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event can play the role of spots
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and, promote the whole social moral
further, the principle on one building Supra
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People always want to happen and
moral of the low incident, don’t face to point and the social moral all into

  Say to the "small yue yue"
4 Retro
event, is still the heartache of people, the
scene is never forget.

Two years of foshan get run
over girls small yue yue, in the house by a van near knocked down and two
rolling, trouble-causing car after a minute to escape, a car HuoGuiChe over
Jordan Retro 11
again was small and medium-sized
2 Retro Candy
jinfenshijia will young body… After
the accident just six minutes, the girl was repeatedly rolling, there have been
Retro 3
18 from passers-by jinfenshijia will close by,
no one moves to help, and even no one call for help phone! Until 6 minutes and
27 seconds, a SheHuang aunt until the small jinfenshijia will picked

  At that time, the TV play this tragedy scene
again and again.

Now, I think such a play
method, such a Nike
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rendering, seemed a bit cruel, and
even a little immoral.

Now, I think it 18
Skytop 3
passers-by become public opinion attack
target, one sure there is a being set up, because no one can guarantee in so
dim the road, all passers-by will found the ground of small yue yue.

Now, I think "small
yue yue" event triggered social moral big thinking is very meaningful.
But, even though the 18 people moral all need to save, also can’t so that all
the social morality has the collapse of Supra
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Trigger this
"exclamation, see today called the English version of a"
small yue yue "incident reports.

According to Hong Kong’s
Retro 9
Ming pao news Supra
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reports, the Chinese mainland last
year there little jinfenshijia Jordan
5 Fusion
will die storm, moving to cool the moral
issues and thin, similar situation in the UK now also occur. Britain is a
14-year-old boy on his way to school last week, in the electrical station
faint, lie down on the platform for 10 minutes, the morning Jordan
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rush of electricity in time the
TK Society High Tops
station to no one to help, the
boy mother Supra
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anger boom act, accused the social
cool thin.

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