Why is universal undo supported by so few text editors? When I close a file, the text editor erases my entire undo history. Being able to undo a file all the way to the very first keystroke I typed in would be a really compelling feature to me.

In fact, what I want source control to be still is a giant unified universal undo for my project. Don’t bother me with releases and versioning, just log my actions on a per keystroke level and let me revert back to the second before I fucked up.

I understand the technical challenges of implementing this and how more formal version control scales better to more complex projects but I still crave the ability to mark a folder as being under universal undo with a super lightweight mechanism.


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    […] Bumblebee Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Universal undo Good Idea, this is why I find I use intellij idea as my text editor and go through the hassle of creating a project and the like. Having the ability to roll back any changes made right up to the start is well, liberating. (tags: ux) […]

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