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Evidence that opt out ads aren’t harmful

by Hang

A few months ago, I wrote about a better way of serving ads by replacing the ad with a donate button. A recent Wall Street Journal article reports that wikiHow also recently started doing opt out ads and their revenue dropped less than 1%. I wonder if they’ll also include a donate button?

November 19 2008

A better way of serving ads

by Hang

Here’s a far more non-obnoxious way of doing ads from

If someone has no adblocker installed, show them the original ad:

If an adblocker is detected, replace the ad with an option for them to donate instead to the site:

If you click the X button, the ad will close and remain closed forever:

Those who click ads aren’t typically donators, and those who block ads would probably prefer to donate so this seems like an effective way of pleasing both parties.

PS: Ironically, I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why none of my images for this post were uploading before realising that any image with “ad” in the name gets blocked by adblock plus. This explains the naming of the images.

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