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March 16 2009

This is why the new facebook sucks

by Hang

Every time facebook does a redesign, the basic concept is sound but they manage to get the specifics wrong. I was enthusiastic when they moved to a real time streaming feed system but not so much after I discovered they removed the filtering algorithm at the same time which allows this sort of thing:

Facebook Sucks

November 14 2008

Simulating a fair coin

by Hang

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon the question of how thick you would need to make a cylinder for it to be a fair three sided coin. Well, not having the patience to roll a cylinder 1000 times, I whipped up a quick simulation:

Turns out the height needs to be ~1.33 times the radius for there to be an exact equal chance to land on 3 sides.

So now you know.

November 14 2008

How not to do information visualisation

by Hang

I was struck when looking at my Google Analytics just how useless this pie chart is:

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