I’m about 30 pages into William Zinsser’s excellent book On Writing Well when I’m struck by my realization.Over the past nine months, I’ve been writing about abstract ideas, day to day happenings and insights into the world around me, everything except my work. The short and simple reason for this is because I’m afraid.

When I started Bumblebee Labs, I made myself promise that I would be open about the work I was doing. But as soon as I started writing, it was always easier to write about anything but that. Writing about my own work felt embarrassing. The ideas and concepts that I had were so unclear in my own head that I never felt I could do them justice. And whenever I felt guilty about not writing, there were always other things to write about.

Well, from today, that’s going to stop. The pieces about ideas are still going to come but they’re going to be mixed with much more personal and relevant content. I’m going to conquer my fears of being a fool and start writing more of what made me start this blog.